Have you ever had an experience or learned something and just had to share it with someone? That’s how my life is. I love learning and then sharing what I’ve learned with others. So, I’m a teacher at heart but not in the traditional sense. I love doing presentations, courses, and one-on-one consultations where I can share ideas. There is something special about seeing someone grow and learn about themselves and make positive changes in their life. Now my life focus includes sharing the spiritual side of existence by doing Angel Readings and helping people tune into their intuition and Divine Guidance.

My college degree is business management. I have explored and learned during many different types of employment, usually doing two or more jobs at the same time. My background has moved from office clerk, to secretary, law firm manager, human resource manager, professional image consultant, cosmetic sales person, clothing sales clerk, interior decorator, seminar leader, trainer, adult education instructor, hair stylist, salon owner, Avatar master, Reiki master, career transition coach, and more. In spite of this list, I have felt stuck many times. So, I understand searching and feeling frustrated. I believe my experiences fit together to create my life purpose work now.
While I was expanding my knowledge in intellectual areas, I was also learning and growing on a spiritual level. As I look back on my experiences, I realize many times when I was divinely guided. Sometimes, I listened and sometimes I took a detour. There were instances and events that I would now call psychic or miracles. My spiritual growth has evolved through prayer, meditation, learning, and personal experience.

My passion and mission in life revolves around Life Purpose. I believe we are all unique and have a divine purpose that we can experience and share with the world. I guide others to discover their true inner essence and be their authentic self. Recognizing and blending the spiritual self into our everyday self can create a passionate and meaningful life we share with those around us. To me that is what a happy life is all about.


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