Thank you for visiting the Testimonials Page. Since the work I do is more a testimony to the Divine working in the world than a testimony about me, I am including some stories about events I consider everyday miracles. I believe when we become aware and pay attention, we realize miracles are happening all the time; and our lives are truly magical.

If you have an event or story you consider an everyday miracle that you would like to share, I’d love to hear about it. Just send me an email and let me know if I have permission to post it here. It can be anonymous, of course, using just your first name or initials.

Hello Margo,You did an angel reading for me this past summer which was amazing. Well, all these months later, here I am having a grey and heavy week that I just haven’t been able to rise above for any length of time. Until just now, I listened again to the recording of our reading. I heard what I had forgotten or dropped, and I heard much more, so much more. So, I feel lighter and stronger. And grateful. Thank you for what you do, and thanks to those that assist you. I hope you are joyful too. Love and joy,

~Kelly C

So many of us take care of our bodies and minds but we forget to take care of our soul. Having received information that was helpful and accurate allowed me to identify the needs of my soul and begin to give it the same attention that I give to other aspects of my life. Margo was approachable, friendly and yet professional. I would recommend her highly.

~Deborah Kufs MS RN

Dearest Margo, It was a wonderful session, and it was a true blessing in so many ways. I’ve read over my notes many times, and thought over the things that I heard. I would love to reconnect with you again sometime, and would, of course, pay you for your time. You are an angel, too. Thank you for your sweetness and care. All blessings to you,


Margo, many thanks for connecting me with the angels. I am still digesting the experience! I will return to this recording several times I suspect – it is a treasure.


Hi Margo, Thank you for another amazing reading with the angels, I am once again deeply moved and inspired! love,


My Angel Reading with Margo Mastromarchi was fantastic. I was amazed with her connections with the Angels and her ability to communicate with the spiritual world. I will be back for more enlightenment as the need arises.

~Bea Timpanaro

I so enjoyed your guiding us through your delightful ‘angel evening’ at the Albany Holistic Nurses Association recently. Your manner is friendly, supportive, and confident-so important when introducing people to an idea to which they may be a little new, as I think some in the group may have been. And everyone came right out and shared their feelings and their visions after the guided visualizations. My own experiences as you were guiding us were superb-your voice was so light and sure-a wonderful combination. I loved the encounter with the angel on my left shoulder-what a surprise to see that it was not what I would have imagined at all, but a delightfully playful companion. And the last meditation of the evening carried me so far out-or in-that it really took me a while to ground myself enough to drive home. It was such a treat to be held as you held us in your open, loving heart. Thank you so much. Love,

~Leiah Bowden

I live in a small condo across from the water. I bought it even though there were lots of trees and vegetation that totally obscured the view. I knew there were restrictions on clearing near the shore. So, I settled for just knowing the water was there. One day I learned about a second floor condo for sale in another building and I wondered if they could “see” the water from up there. I could feel how great that would be. That same day I was eating lunch in my condo and turned to look out the sliding doors and was stunned to see WATER. I stared; was I really seeing the water? When did that happen? Yes, someone had trimmed the brush and trees and now I had a true water view. I am so grateful.


Most of my life I didn’t really believe in Fairies. I mean it was a nice fairytale idea but not real to me. Then I began to wonder if it could be true. I was out walking on a quiet trail and asked that if they were really there I would have some sign. The next thing I knew there was a sudden, strong breeze and I was showered with small leaves falling all over me. I just giggled. That was the only spot where leaves fell during my walk that day and there were no other strong breezes either. Interesting…


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